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The winner of our EDM sign-up competition picks up his prize, the all-new Polaris RZR 200, and is absolutely stoked!

Most people go through life never winning anything. The chances of winning any prize worth over $10,000 are one in a million. Hell, the chances of winning the local meat raffle are hard enough! So you can imagine the reaction on Dylan Morris’ face when he rolled up to pick up his brand spanking new Polaris RZR 200 complete with extra goodies.

All he did was sign up to our e-newsletter for a monthly mix of all things side-by-side and he was in with a chance to win. Dylan’s name was randomly selected by our super computer named Mort and within a few minutes he was speechless on the other end of the phone.

Polaris Hume were able to do all the pre-delivery checks and balances and had the RZR 200 in top shape. They even adorned it with a pretty red bow! When Dylan arrived he couldn’t believe his eyes. He still wasn’t convinced it was his until Dean Robertson from Polaris Hume handed him the keys.

Dylan did the usual inspection anyone does when picking up a brand new side-by-side. He walked around it, kicked the tyres, shook the chassis and hopped in. You couldn’t wipe the grin off his face.

He felt the steering wheel, shimmied in the seat and rubbed the inside of the door. Dylan inserted the key and turned it over. It fired into life and  so did the excitement on Dylan’s face. He continued to caress the inside of the RZR 200 as he got accustomed to its styling before strapping his helmet on and riding it up onto his trailer.

We can’t thank Polaris Australia enough for partnering with us on this awesome project. They even threw in a poly roof, three helmets and a windscreen (coming later) plus a couple goodie bags full of awesome Polaris paraphernalia.

If you’re unfamiliar with all the new safety and performance features Polaris have loaded into the RZR 200 for 2023, check out our video review or our written article.

As for Dylan, if you see a grown man smiling from ear-to-ear driving a RZR 200 around the bush of Ballarat give him a wave, he’s the happiest man alive.