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For all the newbies to the side-by-side world, here are the best reasons to get into a four-seat, recreational side-by-side machine.

Like Honda versus Yamaha or Ford versus Holden, the big competition in the side-by-side game is Can-Am vs Polaris. And the winner is… the consumer! Four-seat family side-by-side vehicles are looking good for 2023.

For more than a decade the top side-by-side manufacturers have been pushing each other to offer the best vehicles. Best in the side-by-side game does not just mean power and performance. Sure they might be the obvious and coolest comparisons, but versatility, capability, ease of use, comfort and off-road recreation features are important and better than ever in a new model side-by-side. Off-road vehicle versatility and comfort mean a lot when it comes to family recreation in Australia’s great outdoors. With 2023 four-seater models available today there is plenty that will keep the whole family enthused for weekends away.

Getting into a new side-by-side brings other bonuses to off-road adventure. Side-by-sides that seat two or four people can be towed to your riding destination allowing more room for storage. Regular four wheel driving is much more invasive than a lower impact side-by-side and unlike a four-wheel-drive, if you have a side-by-side misshap you still have your primary vehicle to get home. If you have not experienced a modern side-by-side, they are super-capable, lightweight off-roaders like you’ve never seen before.

You have to really try hard to get one stuck, and if you do, having a second person or more makes getting out safer if not just more fun. It’s also nice to load up the side-by-side and trailer after a great family weekend without having scratched all the paint of your expensive road going four-wheel-drive that you need for the working week or family run around.

We’ve mentioned the added bonus of bringing the family along for your off-road recreation adventures before. It’s like having your cake and eating it too (that never made sense literally), but for side-by-sides there is a lot to tap into. These new four seaters are blurring the lines between performance and comfortability, making them versatile for the whole family. When grandparents or younger kids are onboard, the comfort and smoothness of these machines make them a great vehicle to see some off-road sights and enjoy the bush.

However if you’ve got maybe an excited teenager or sibling onboard, these new models are more than capable of going at a pace that is enough to put some thrill in any family trip. The extra volume of the four seaters can also make for a great two-up camping choice. A couple, father and son, or any good friends can take swags, a fridge, more clothes, gear and supplies away for extended camping trips.  Besides a bit bigger turning circle, almost everything else about heading bush in the longer wheelbase option of a four seater only means more fun for more people.

If you’re looking for a way to connect with like-minded, side-by-side enthusiasts, to drive your four-seat side-by-side, join the AORVA Club.