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WHAT IS THE SXS TRAILRIDERS CLUB? | LIFESTYLE | News | Victoria | Where to drive

We sit down with the legends over at SXS Trailriders to find out what they're all about and how you can get involved.

Looking for somewhere to ride your side-by-side with fellow enthusiasts? The SXS Trailriders is a good place to start if you want to meet like-minded Aussie side-by-side drivers and to partake in some epic group rides.

We caught up with Orlando Parletta from the SXS Trailriders Customer Experience Team to chat about what SXS Trailriders is all about and their goals for the future.

  1. Where did the idea for SXS Trailriders start?

We were first involved in motorkhana, khanacross, autocross and hill climb where we would assist our car club with officiating in a competitive environment. As part of the process, we gained the necessary skills and certification to run our own events. Being an avid side-by-side rider it has always been a challenge to access legal riding tracks outside of the race environment which was echoed by our fellow riders, so we decided to put together social side-by-side ride day events for owners to enjoy with their machines.

  1. How do the ride days work?

The ride day events are run on a variety tracks ranging from Enduro, Trail and MX dirtbike complexes. Participants register via the online booking platform, complete the necessary driver/passenger paperwork on the day, attend a drivers brief, undertake a site lap of the track following our side-by-side, then begin the drive day setting off 30 seconds apart. During the event we have officials and a recovery vehicle onsite should anyone need assistance.

  1. Who are you targeting? Who can participate?

Our events are aimed at social riders, family and friends who like to come out with their riding crew and enjoy riding with other side-by-side community members. Anyone aged 16 and older can participate with passengers over 8 years old are also allowed making it fun for everyone.

  1. What kind of riding is it? Is it hard?

The riding is suitable for all rider levels with different track offerings from enduro, trail and motocross to suite the type of riding side-by-side riders most enjoy. The great thing is, you can alter your speed depending on your experience, so it’s still a lot of fun for our racers as well

  1. How does it differ to racing? What’s the atmosphere?

The atmosphere is relaxed, everyone is super respectful of other drivers around them. People build lots of new friendships and ridding groups get to come together. It’s a family friendly environment which is open to passengers, so fun for everyone. It differs greatly to racing as its not wheel-to-wheel racing, vehicles are spaced and there are etiquettes in place when needing to overtake to ensure that the social element and safety is maintained.

  1. Where do you see it going in the next few years?

Side-by-side will continue to grow as more riding venues become readily available. Should we see recreational registration be introduced this would allow even greater events to occur through state forest areas making for a greater social experience.

  1. What kind of support do you need from the SXS community?

We have great relationships with AORVA, Polaris & BRP (Can-Am) and their local dealership networks who help promote our recreational side-by-side events throughout Victoria.  The side-by-side community have been great in embracing our social SXS Trailriders events which in turn enables us to deliver highest quality events.