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We picked up a set of Valor rims and Obor Lynx tyres from Aussie Powersports and fitted them to our Polaris Ranger XP1000. We're keen to get them on and see how they go over 6-12 months.

The Valor Rims and Obor Lynx tyres make up a bigger wheel and tyre set than the standard Polaris Ranger XP1000 wheels and tyres which gives us more ground clearance, about 2cm. We will be doing a seperate Obor Lynx review and Valor Rim review so stay tuned as we test them over the next 6-12 months and see how they go.

Fitting Obor Lynx tyres was easy. While they’re a solid 8-ply rubber, which is typically pretty stiff, we didn’t have too many issues getting them on when using the tyre changing machine. If you’re going to attempt to do it manually, good luck! The benefit of a thicker tyre wall is that it should also be less likely to puncture but we will see about that.

The rubber knobs are also quite malleable which will be excellent for traction. We’re keen to see if they hold up under heavy loads and flogged out tracks. Some of the rock at our farm will be a good test of endurance and with all the rain we’ve been getting and the mud throughout our property, it will be good to test the traction. Stay tuned for the first Obor Lynx review.

As for the Valor VO2 rims, they are a solid and sturdy A356 aluminium material with T6 heat treatment so they’re meant to be more sturdy than standard alloy rims. The rims are also dual drilled meaning the V02 has both 4×156 and 4×137 bolt patterns to fit Polaris and Can-Am, as well as a handful of other modern vehicles like the Kawasaki KRX and Honda Talon.

Getting them on the vehicle was easy and they fitted up perfectly. We couldn’t fit the rear wheel plastic Valor cap back on the rim as the axle pushed too far through but that wasn’t a problem and didn’t affect how easy they are to fit. Like the tyres, stay tuned for a Valor rim review as well.

Valor VO2 Rims – $379.95 each – Aussie Powersports

Obor Lynx Tyres – $339.95 each – Aussie Powersports