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We headed out to AgQuip to catch up with SXS legend Simmo to find out how the Polaris True On-Demand AWD system really works.

There are plenty of different four-wheel-drive systems across side-by-side manufacturers with clever acronyms for names and slightly confusing processes. The Polaris True On-Demand AWD system doesn’t have a fancy acronym but if you don’t know how it works, will need some explaining.

We caught up with Andrew “Simmo” Simpson, a Driver Trainer Specialist and Polaris ambassador from CARNZ Training, to talk all things tech and just how he uses his very own Polaris Ranger. We were blown away to learn he rarely takes his vehicle out of the Polaris True On-Demand AWD system because of how it works.

There are three modes to pick from on most Polaris Ranger models: Versatrac, 2WD and AWD. When in 2WD, only the back wheels are powered, but AWD allows any wheel that has traction to become a powered drive wheel. This does not mean that all wheels are constantly powered when AWD is on. When in AWD on any Polaris vehicle, the front gearcase automatically will engage any time the rear wheels lose traction. When the rear wheels regain traction, the front gearcase automatically will disengage.

There is no limit to the length of time the vehicle may remain in AWD.

Sounds pretty simple right? Maybe not. If you need a demonstration on just how it works watch this video with Simmo. He explains how it works in a much better way than we do.