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VIDEO | CAN POLARIS RANGER TOW YAMAHA GRIZZLY? | First Impression | Shed Time | Technology | Tested | Vehicles

Our Yamaha Grizzly ATV broke down in the middle of nowhere so we had to tow it back to safety with the Polaris Ranger XP 1000. Here's how it did it.

Our trusty Yamaha Grizzly ATV was our go-to farm hand over 10 years ago before we started moving to side-by-sides. Since we worked out that doors, a roof and a seat make for a much more comfortable day at work, the Grizzly often gets left behind when the job can be done in the Polaris Ranger XP 1000. But the mighty Grizzly still gets out every other day and nearly four years ago the fuel pump shat itself and the Grizzly stopped in the middle of a paddock and required a tow.

It was in the middle of COVID and the 2013 Grizzly had had enough. We masked up (sounds weird saying that now) and took it into town to be fixed. With issues getting parts for just about anything during COVID we had to settle for an aftermarket fuel pump and it lasted less than four years. When the Grizzly broke down this time, it was even further out than last time.

Fortunately, we had our old Polaris Sportsman ATV with us spraying when the Grizzly died so one of us ran home to get the Polaris Ranger XP 1000 to save the day and tow the Grizzly! We hooked up the 4WD trailer and headed out the rescue the ATV and my wife and son, who I’d left stranded with the dead Grizzly.

I loaded the Grizzly onto the trailer and started the journey home, which included a precarious gully crossing and a few off-camber paddocks. Here’s how our journey went!