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With production lines all around the world slowly returning to normal, Polaris are the first manufacturer to begin refilling dealers floors. Here’s what General models are coming to Australia in 2023.

For this year, the 2023 Polaris General model range will remain quite tight with Polaris Australia confirming the following three models will arrive here this year. While it has been a struggle for most manufacturers to meet demand, including Polaris, a return to norm with supply of parts and shipping has helped some manufacturers restock their dealers.

But there are still blockages on the production line for all side-by-side models. As a result Polaris have had to simplify the specification of Ranger, General and RZR models that will arrive in Australia. If they didn’t, then the wait time on vehicles would be even longer. Polaris told Australasian SXS that the things they had to forgo were mostly aesthetic or accessories so the actual performance of the vehicle will not be impeded.

General 1000 Sport

First cab off the Polaris General range is the General 1000 Sport. It will come into Australia in White Lighting only and has the standard 60-inch stance, 27-inch tyres, 12-inch alloy wheels and 12 inches of ground clearance with that 100hp motor. There is nothing new on this model for 2023. It will still run the Prostar, 999cc four-stroke, DOHC, twin-cylinder engine with true on-demand AWD, ZF Sachs suspension and a 272.16kg dumping cargo box with a total 499kg payload capacity and a towing capacity of 680.4kg.

General XP 1000 Sport

Next up is the General XP 1000 Sport in Ghost Grey only. It’s a slightly bigger beast than the General 1000 Sport with a 64-inch stance, 30-inch Pro Armor Crawler XG Tyres, Poly Sport Roof, Polaris HD Plus 4,500 lb Winch and high-clearance A-Arms that offer a total of 13.5 inches of ground clearance. The rest of the vehicle is much the same as the General 1000 Sport with the same motor but it does get Walker Evans Needle Shocks, which we rate highly, bigger wheels and plenty more features but they don’t change the carrying or towing capacity. They just make it way more comfortable to drive!

General XP 4 1000 Sport

The last Ranger to hit Australian shores will be the General XP 4 1000 Sport. The four seater will only be available in Ghost Grey and has all the same features as the two-seat XP General only with a longer wheelbase.

Fortunately it looks like we won’t miss out on any of the General models for 2023 like the Troy Lee or Limited Edition vehicles we’ve seen in the last few years, because they won’t be making a return anywhere in the world, at this stage.