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We always need a power source when camping out and cutting laps on the side-by-side so we swapped out the generator for a deep cycle battery.

Are you stuck in lockdown dreaming of that next camping trip into the stunning Aussie bush? If you are, that means your lockdown has lasted months and if you haven’t gone insane yet you will soon and a trip into the bush will be almost essential when you are released from the mental health facility.

While I was in lockdown I was hanging to be free and get back in the bush and get back to steering my RZR again. I spent the down time going through all my camping gear and making sure it was mould-free and ready for action.

I have always run a generator while camping but the noise is sometimes annoying and having to top it up with fuel is another thing to think about so I bit the bullet and grabbed a Yuasa Deep-Cycle Battery and a cheap battery box from Aldi.

All I really need to run when I go camping is the Waeco fridge, my phone, camera gear and a laptop so a generator was probably overkill. The Yuasa N70T is a 12-volt device that delivers 102A/h, the most of the brand’s regular-sized deep-cycle batteries. I gave it a run in the backyard (remember, lockdown) and it ran the fridge and my phone for about two days before the battery box told me to hook it up to a charger.

I have a solar mat which helps trickle charge the battery so I plugged that in and the warning light on the battery box never came on, but the amount of power your devices draw depends on how hard they have to work. If you’re fridge is constantly being opened or it’s  sitting in the sun it will use more power.

This thing weighs 24kg and is 305mm long, 171mm wide and 202mm high. It comes with carry handles, trick glass mat internal separator, mud rack, Platelock™ Technology, state of charge indicator and is supposedly vibration resistant.

All these things are handy but I really bought it because it is a Yuasa and everyone tells me they are the best and not just because they’re made in Australia. Cool! Stay tuned and I’ll see if the cells collapse in the summer heat, or just me.


BILL $229.95 (at Supercheap Auto)


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