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Carrying your phone in your glove box or pocket is a recipe for phone disaster so we thought we'd try an Australian-made Quad Lock to hold our phone while we drive. Here's our Quad Lock review.

YOU’RE PROBABLY WONDERING why I need to access my phone while I’m out driving? Aren’t Quad Locks only for road bikes? Why is this on your dirtbike and side-by-side? It’s not an adventure bike so what possible reason could there be for risking the latest iPhone by having it out in the open? Well, there are loads of good reasons as I outline in this Quad Lock Review.

Well, as I’m one of the lucky few left in this country who can say they  make a living (if you can call it that) out of talking about dirtbikes and side-by-sides, I need to be near my phone and ready to answer it at any moment. You never know, maybe Chad Reed is calling to tell me he’s returning to race Down Under for CDR sponsored by Sinisalo or Go The Rat Racing!

Having a Quad Lock strapped to my dirtbike and side-by-side is the only way to stay connected while doing my job. Here’s what I rate and don’t rate in my Quad Lock review.


TOUGH I’ve had my fair share of crashes and, despite the handlebar hitting the deck, neither my phone nor my Quad Lock mount has broken.

EASY The way the case clicks into the mount is pretty straight forward as it simply twists 45 degrees, allowing the back to clip in to the mount.

STRONG When properly fitted, the handlebar mount doesn’t budge and the phone doesn’t popped out.

ACCESS I found it so easy to make calls and see where I was going if using Google maps with the handlebar mount connected to the grab bar in front of the passenger seat of the Polaris RZR Trail S.


FIDDLY While in theory, the connection should be straight forward, sometimes it takes a few seconds to line up the teeth on the mount with the case to secure the phone.

CONNECTION On one occasion I was in a rush, didn’t fit the phone to the mount correctly and my mobile went walkabout. Don’t worry, I found my phone eventually!


The Quad Lock handlebar mount has been a great way to track the trails we ride and follow some of the navigation rides we’ve been on. It allows me to access my phone while out on the trails without having to rummage through my backpack. And after all the crashes I’ve had, not one has ended the life of my phone!






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