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We picked up an Oztent SV-5 Max to go camping and riding in over the Christmas break with our side-by-side and our dirtbike. Here's our initial thoughts.

When it comes to tents, there aren’t much better than the Oztent SV-5 Max with the front section added on. It’s essentially a two-bedroom apartment that folds down into your car. I grabbed this tent because with summer finally here, camping has ramped up and I’m sick of trying to live in my crappy dome tent when in the bush riding and driving for the weekend.

The big seller for me with the Oztent SV-5 Max was the erection. No, not that one, get your head out of the gutter. It’s the speed in which the tent can go up that was the big draw card. This tent is a 30-second tent and all you have to do once it is laid out is grab the bar at the back of the tent and lift up and presto it is erected!

Bang in some pegs and zip-in the sides and you’re all done. With two people it didn’t take us longer than 15 minutes to have our tent fully setup and secure.

I also liked the size. It is massive with a 3.5m frontage that we also use as a second bedroom. The kids sleep in the back section and my wife and I sleep in the front. It’s got loads of other high-end features like a SkyMesh Skylight built into the roof, a huge Zip-In Tarp Extension so we no longer carry our pit tent and it’s made from a polycotton canvas material which is proving very durable and malleable. So far we’ve had no rips or tears and all zippers work fine.

It says you can sleep five people but with the front section enclosed, you could sleep 10 if you wanted to get cosy. Stay tuned as we give this thing a hammering through summer.

Mitch Lees



SV-5 Max $2199

Side Panels $469.99

Front Panel $359.99