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Here's what we think so far of the Oz Armour Air Plugger Tyre Repair Kit we picked up from the guys at Aussie Powersports to keep in our side-by-side for those pesky flats!

You’ve just been out on an epic ride with your mates and just as the driving gets good, you notice one of the tyres has gone flat. Some inconsiderate bastard has spilt his nail bag where you unloaded and you were the lucky one to have been next along the road. You’re probably in the middle of the bush with no reception and no chance of fitting a spare because it’s back in the car. The closest service station is too far to walk to and the spare tyre is a bitch to get to and you’ve got to get out of there quickly. This is where the Oz Armour Air Plugger Tyre Repair Kit comes in handy.

The  Oz Armour Air Plugger Tyre Repair Kit is carried around in a capsule you could insert into a rhino’s arsehole it’s that small. Once you break it apart, the capsule joins together to make a handle to insert the plug into. It has a screw end attachment to clean out the hole the nail has left behind and of course it comes with the needle and plugs to insert into said hole.

The kit is small enough to even carry in your pocket if you really need to. It feels pretty sturdy and well-made. It would also be handy for farmers and ride park owners who don’t have a spare wheel and tyre on their side-by-side or ATV. bear in mind, you will also need to carry an air compressor unless you catch the whole before it lets all the air out of your tyre.

We haven’t had a flat in any of our farm vehicles, the Polaris Ranger XP1000 or recreational side-by-sides since getting this thing (Murphy’s Law, right?!) just yet but as soon as we do we’re going to try this little thing out and let you know how it went. Stay tuned.






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