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We grab a Motopressor Pocket Pump V2 to stick in out side-by-side just in case we get a flat on the trails and let you know what it's like.

Flat tyres never happen in a convenient spot such as outside a servo, near the shed or next door to a pub. They never much seem to happen on cold days or somewhere with plenty of shade either. This Motopressor Pocket Pump V2 handy t will relieve some of the stress that such a situation can give rise to.

CO2 cartridges are handy but can get expensive, may not reach the pressure you want for a laden side-by-side and are single use only. Big clunky compressors the size of an esky chew up valuable space. The Motopressor Pocket Pump V2 will keep putting puff into your tube as long as your battery lasts and at the pressure you want as well.


It’s pretty compact and fits easily into a glove compartment. It has a two metre power cord so it can easily reach either wheel on your side-by-side or those of a mate, which means he buys your first beer when you reach the pub. It also comes with two other shorter cords, one with eyes on one end and an SAE plug on the other to allow a permanent power source from your battery. The other also has an SAE plug but alligator clips on the other so it can be connected to any side-by-side battery and a valve on the side lets you measure the pressure with your tyre gauge before disconnecting.


Like a lot of compact things these days it seems that it was packed into the zip up carry case by somebody with a PHD in macrame. It took a bit of fiddling to get it all settled in and zipped up comfortably. No doubt it would get easier with familiarity and a small price to pay for all the effort it avoids from a hand pump.


Being the curious and scientific minded types that we are her at Australasian SXS we’ll be putting it to the test to see how the battery holds up on the bike using it. You wouldn’t want to fix your flat miles from Kickatinalong only to then discover you’ve flattened your battery. We’ll also test how long it takes to pump up a tyre. I’ll keep you all informed.


RRP $89.95