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Has your side-by-side ever died and you've had to jump it off your mates? Ours has so we thought we'd get a portable power bank to jump it and we opted for the Mophie Powerstation.

I’ve been looking for a decent power source to charge bits and pieces while camping and that can also inflate tyres and jump start my side-by-side and I reckon I might have found one in the Mophie Powerstation. I was about to buy one that runs off a drill battery because I was sick of plugging my air compressor into a 12v every time I need to use it to inflate my tyres, then I came across this device.

The Mophie Powerstation Go Rugged with Air Compressor has enough juice to power my phone, tablet and even laptop (with an inverter) and it also comes with an air compressor which includes interchangeable air nozzles. I’ve tried inflating the tyres on our Polaris Ranger 570 and it took them from 0-20psi in about 3-5 minutes.

The Powerstation Go Rugged also comes with a bright LED floodlight and a car jump starter. The battery capacity is 15,000 mAh at 3.7V, it has a USB-C input and a jumper cable output plus two USB-A outputs, it weighs 1.1kg and measures 118 x 241 x 47mm.

We’re keen to see how it goes jump starting the Ranger next time it won’t start (it seems to be starting fine now ever since I bought the Mophie, it’s like it knew!) Stay tuned for a full report soon.

Mitch Lees