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TESTED | MATRIX M3 FUEL CAN – 2nd TEST | Technology | Tested | Vehicles

Check out part 2 of our test on the Matrix M3 Utility can as we put them through a year of hard work rolling around the back of the ute.

Getting fuel from your garage to the track can be dangerous work. Sure, I haven’t ever heard of a fuel tank exploding but it’s not outside of the realm of possibility. But what about when you’re getting to the track? Fuel can not only explode but it can leak and, if you’re running a van, this smells real bad and can be dangerous. We picked up a few of these Matrix M3 Utility Cans after our last lot finally started dying (I’d say we got about five years out of them) and we think they are the safest and easiest to use while looking the goods. Read our first test on the Matrix M3 Fuel can here.


NOZZLE The hose is incredibly malleable. You can bend it back on itself without it cracking so when rushing a refuel at a checkpoint you can be a little rough.

COLOUR Don’t underestimate how handy translucent fuel churns can be. Being able to see how much fuel you have left when out for a weekend ride is handy.

GRIP The new M3 churns have a handle on the bottom for your other hand to provide support when pouring.

DURABLE We’ve had these cans for nearly a year and the rubber and plastic parts are like new. They have not dried or cracked.


HOLDING When juggling a whole 15 litres, the handle at the top of the Utility Can is a little too high, so you still need to grab the bottom. If it was lower it would be easier but then picking it up from the ground would be harder. Maybe another handle or a longer one?


The M3 churn holds 15 litres, which is plenty for a weekend away,  unless you’re using one for beer. The wide, easy-to-pour nozzle is malleable and durable, making bending it easy. It has an air valve on the top that you can open for faster flow as well. They haven’t leaked a drop in our ute or van.






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