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TESTED | BLUNDSTONE #984 & #325 | Shed Time | Tested

I use work boots to pedal our side-by-side whether we're trailriding or working. I have always like Blundstones and they've been good to me so I thought I'd get the latest to test.

IT DIDN’T TAKE LONG TO work out which of these Blundstone boots is my favourite. The Blundstone #325 is a great boot for a little light gardening but when walking around a paddock to open gates when getting in and out of our Polaris Ranger XP 1000 track on the farm or running through the bush chasing a pig, I often found myself zipping up the Blundstone #984. They are like an Ugg boot that won’t break.

We Liked

Comfort – I couldn’t believe how soft the Blundstones felt pretty much from the word go. I expected a break-in period but there wasn’t one. They hugged my foot and felt so soft inside and no blisters! The Blundstone #325s’ didn’t have as much padding or flex as the Blundstone #984 and were a little more uncomfortable for that break in period.

Tough – Neither of these boots have shown any signs of significant wearing. I expected to see some stretching or cracking where the toe hinges but nothing (see inset photo). The sole hardly looks like it’s seen the dirt!

Weight – Even though the #984s’ are steel capped and quite thick they don’t feel heavy walking around the bush all day.

Durable – The zip up side on the #984 is still operating perfectly and slides easily and the Velcro that holds the zip in place still has stick.

Snug – The last thing worth mentioning is the fit. After nearly a year of use these #984 boots are still snug on my foot. My old elastic sided Blundstones felt a little too roomy after about a year.

We didn’t like

Zip – The only thing I don’t like about these boots is the zip on the #325s’. I find it gets snagged because of the angle you pull it.


The #984s’ are such a comfortable and sturdy boot and are the top-of-the-line model. The outer sole is capable of withstanding temperatures up to 300deg, it has a bamboo lining which is so soft, and they can protect against electrical shocks. Also they have a steel toe cap which can resist 200-joule impacts and are malleable thanks to the soft leather uppers.

The #325 is like the #984s apprentice, it can withstand 140deg, has a pretty similar footbed, the electrical hazard stuff and a steel cap with the same resistance. It just misses out on some of the extra heel support and leather upper features.

If you’re serious about a set of work boots, go the #984s.

Mitch Lees



#984 $225, #325, $169



1800 258 669