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STARK VARG ELECTRIC BIKE REVEALED! | News | Technology | Vehicles

It might only have two wheels but this thing is insane. Would love to see how it would go against the Polaris Ranger Kinetic!

Introducing the ground-breaking Stark VARG electric motocross bike. Stark Future was born to challenge and inspire the motorcycle industry to sustainability. The company’s first serial production model The Stark VARG motocross bike are designed to prove that electric technology is superior to gasoline equivalents in every way.

The new model will re-orientate the industry with its patent-pending technology
and design features, to inspire riders and racers towards sustainability. The Stark VARG has been developed from
the ground-up, building the power train and chassis to work perfectly together
and optimizing every component for its purpose. It is physical proof that an
electric motocross bike can outperform combustion-engine equivalents in every
single way.
How does the Stark VARG (Swedish for ‘strong wolf’) mark the difference?- Multiple bikes ‘in one’ with customization power settings to match a 125
two-stroke up to a 650 four-stroke
– An innovative motor, cooling system, and battery architecture for
unparalleled performance
– A class-leading powertrain with 80hp at 9hp per kilogram meaning the
Stark VARG is the fastest motocross bike on the market
– An ultra-small and light chassis concept with the use of premium materials
such as carbon fiber, magnesium, and aero grade aluminum
– A Smartphone dash and motorcycle set-up App
– Revitalised bodywork that priorities ergonomics, comfort, and
– Renowned suspension solutions from specialists KAYABA
– A ‘ride anywhere, anytime’ concept thanks to low maintenance, zero
emissions and no noise