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Segway Powersports have launched the all-new UT10 Crew, the first six-seat option in the Fugleman range.

Segway Powersports have just released details about their new six-seat Fugleman UT10 Crew. Designed to be robust and spacious, the new UTV can carry up to six passengers comfortably. It will still run the trusty 1,000cc DOHC engine, which Segway Powersports claim can transport both passengers and bulky loads just as easily. This powerplant boasts an impressive 105 horsepower with 70 lb-ft of torque. Equipped with four-wheel hydraulic disc brakes, its exceptional towing and hauling capacities make it a valuable asset for any job, increasing efficiency and productivity.

You can transport heavy loads with the UT10 Crew, which has a payload capacity of nearly 700kg. The tilting cargo bed can hold up to 450kg.


Smart Commanding Screen (SCS) powered by a 10.4-inch infotainment touchscreen creates intelligent interactions and integrates with Segway’s Smart Moving App. View live telemetry in real-time or explore surroundings with a map view of local trails and interact with audio/phone.


13 inches of available ground clearance with dual A-Arm front suspension featuring 9.5 inches of travel and dual A-Arm Independent Rear Suspension (IRS) with 11 inches of travel.

Adjustable Electric Power Steering (EPS)

Can be switched on-the-fly to one of three settings: standard, comfort, and sport settings for different drivers, terrain, and road conditions.

Undeniable Drive Train

Front and rear locking differentials with optional 2WD, 4WD, and Turf modes.

Structural Stability

With a 19% increase in overall rigidness for improved durability and a 38-degree lateral tilt angle.


With room for six, includes plenty of storage, premium sewn seats with bolster bottom and contoured backs with Segway branding, premium steering wheel, interior accents, three-point safety restraints, and six cup holders.

“The UT10 Crew signifies the next evolution in utility offroad vehicles by bringing unconventional technology solutions to the powersports market,” says Gabriel Cruz, marketing director at Segway Powersports. “Our goal is to exceed customer expectations by pushing the boundaries of performance, comfort, and safety while offering uncompromised tech solutions and reliability.”

“The launch of the Utility Crew is nothing short of impressive from our engineering, manufacturing, operations, and marketing teams,” says Shane Wilson, corporate strategic vice president at Segway Powersports. “Our goal is to exceed customer expectations, and we have done nothing short of that. Based on dealer and consumer feedback, we have taken a product from concept to production in less than ten months, which is impressive.”

Technical Specs

• Engine 4-Stroke Twin-Cylinder, DOHC Engine

• Displacement 1,000cc

• Horsepower 105hp


• Wheels 14″ Aluminum

• Front Tires 27 x 9-14

• Rear Tires 27 x 11-14

• Suspension Dual A-Arm with Stabilizer Bar

• Shocks Oil Shock

• Brakes 4-wheel Hydraulic Disc

• Front Axle Automatic Diff-Lock

• Drive System On-Demand 2WD / 4WD Dimensions

• Person Capacity 6

• L X W X H 3975 x 1625 x 1960mm (156.5 x 64.0 x 77.2 in)

• Wheelbase 2,985mm

• Ground Clearance 320mm (12.6″)

• Fuel Capacity 45L (11.9Gal)

• Payload Capacity 1,500 lb (680kg)

• Towing Capability 2,500 lb (1134kg)

• Cargo Bed 865 x 1200 x 290mm (33.7 x 47.2 x 11.4 in)

• Cargo Bed Capacity 992 lb (450kg)