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An organised SXS trail ride is not only a good way to raise exposure for our industry but they can also be great way to give back to the community you live in.

We recently headed over to New Zealand for the 14th running of the Kuratau School SXS Trail Ride which is run by the local side-by-side dealer, Bike Torque. While we were there we got the chance to catch up with Russell Josiah, owner of Bike Torque, to chat about why events like SXS trail rides are such a great thing for business and the community.

Bike Torque have been supporting the Kuratau School SXS Trail Ride since it started which was originally a two-wheeled event. But, with the popularity of side-by-sides in New Zealand exploding in the last five years, Bike Torque decided to make it a four-wheel-only event. That means no dirtbikes, just side-by-sides and a few ATVs!

The event raises money for the local school which is heavily reliant on the support of the local community. Russell and his team handle the heavy lifting and running of the day while the school and its plethora of volunteers help with the admin and catering. The two parties work together seamlessly.

Listen to why Russell believes events like the Kuratau School SXS Trail Ride aren’t just good for business, they’re good for the community too.