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Finke legend Toby Price took a bunch of his mates driving through the middle of Australia in a bunch of Can-Am Maverick X3s.

Owlpine Group and Can-Am brought together an all-star outback crew, made up of Toby Price, Shaun Whale, Courtney Atkinson and Todd Waters to embark on an unforgettable adventure in the middle of Australia.

Opting to hang around and spend some time in the northern territory after taking out his first four-wheel win at the Finke Desert Race, adding to his tally of another six wins on two-wheels, Toby invited along his three mates for a two-day trip.

Can-Am off road wanted to bring together a group of boys all from the top of their fields, so Owlpine Group recruited Shaun Whale from 4wd24/7, Australian motocross champion Todd Waters and adventure athlete Courtney Atkinson to join Toby in the Northern Territory.

Standing around the fire and sleeping in swags under the stars by night, exploring the bush in Maverick X3s by day. Does it get any better?

This trip was a chance for Toby to slow down after two full-on weeks at Finke and take in the overwhelming beauty of the red centre and also give us the chance to show the boys what a Maverick X3 can really do.

The campaign feature was released across Toby Price Racing & Can-Am Off-Road’s Facebook page & global YouTube channel.

All the boys from the trip stepped up to promote their fans to check out just how much fun you can have on four wheels.