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Polaris introduce new safety device that improves safety by allowing users to control speed and geofencing from app.

This accessory kit keeps vehicle operators safe by controlling maximum speed in specified operating areas and can be controlled remotely via the Ride Command app.

Polaris has long been a leader in promoting off-road safety through their product innovations, key technology and consumer-focused initiatives. The Polaris line-up includes over 30 SxS vehicles, which offer inherent safety benefits like ROPS (Roll-Over Protection Structures), seat belts and safety nets. To further encourage positive safety practices, Polaris announced in June 2020 that they would provide two free helmets with the purchase of every RANGER SxS in Australia for the indefinite future.

Today, Polaris is proud to further enable safe riding practices through industry-leading technology with the launch of the all-new Speed-Control and Geofencing Kit accessory. This kit, which incorporates a new dash system, allows users to set a maximum speed limit and geofenced areas on RANGER 1000 and RANGER CREW 1000 models*, keeping operators and workplaces safer.

“At Polaris, we believe we have a duty to promote and enable safe riding practices amongst our owners,” says Alan Collins, Managing Director for Polaris Australia & New Zealand. “Starting with youth riders, we offer vehicles with industry-leading safety technology to help them build confidence while giving parents and guardians ultimate control and peace-of-mind. Now, with the Speed Control & Geofencing Kit, we can provide the same tools and control to famers and commercial owners looking for ways to improve safety with their operators.”

Farmers and commercial operators alike will find the benefits of speed control and geofencing extremely useful as it enables them to take control of the safety of their workers. Whether controlling ride boundaries due to unsafe conditions or high traffic areas, limiting speed due to challenging terrain or ensuring operators are riding at the appropriate speed for their experience level, users can do it all with this new kit.

The maximum speed limit can be controlled simply via the dashboard with passcode access or remotely through the Polaris Ride Command app. The Ride Command app is required for users to set geofence parameters. To get started, simply download the app to your smartphone through the App Store or Google Play, create your Polaris account and add your vehicle to your virtual garage. Once the vehicle is added and paired, users can set a maximum speed limit and add geofence parameters to be “pushed” to their vehicle. After programming is complete, the smartphone is not required for the system to function. Polaris is preparing a User Guide to help customers navigate the various features of this kit, which will be available on their website.

A geofence is a virtual fence that allows you to specify vehicle speeds for inside and outside a defined area. The inside speed and outside speed can be set individually in any values from 9.7 km/h to 88.9 km/h in approximately 3.2 km/h increments. Users can store up to three geofences in the Ride Command app, but only one geofence can be enabled at a time. GPS accuracy can vary by region, so make certain to give adequate distance for geofence boundaries to accommodate this variation. A geofence will not stop the vehicle, it will only slow to the pre-programmed speed limit, much like cruise control in a car but management determined.

To learn more about the Speed Control & Geofencing Accessory Kit and its benefits, watch this video featuring Mark Larkham. Additionally, Polaris has put together a User Guide that features step-by-step instructions for this kit, like how to connect with Ride Command, set geofence parameters, set a maximum speed and change the passcode.

*The Speed-Control and Geofencing Accessory Kit fits 2020 and 2021 RANGER 1000, RANGER 1000 Premium, RANGER 1000 EPS, RANGER CREW 1000, RANGER CREW 1000 Premium and RANGER CREW 1000 EPS. Priced at $529, these kits are available for purchase through certified Polaris dealers. They can also be purchased and installed at time of purchase.