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AORVA cranks up support for side-by-side vehicle events in 2023 with several trail rides on the menu. Here's what we know so far.

Last year ended on a bit of a bum note with Australia wide event insurance issues that also flowed down to negatively impact many side-by-side vehicle events that were building momentum in the ever-expanding side-by-side recreation space.  The Team at AORVA take growing off-road vehicle recreation very seriously and are planning to double down on supporting new bigger side-by-side recreation events in 2023.

Experienced event promoters are talking to AORVA right now. There’s rumours of three side-by-side trail rides happening in 2023 with the first one in NSW.  And of course AORVA are always keen to talk to more interested promoters or any land-owners who think they’ve got a great off-road paradise offering that might need help to its feet.

“We have some exciting new support from our long-time industry supporters, Polaris and BRP Can-Am who are keen to see new events boosted off the ground.” said AORVA Manager Darrell Knight.

As wonderful a country it is here in Australia, these big off-road industry friends recognise that bureaucratic red tape and insurance hurdles now make it harder than ever for families to get out and enjoy our great outdoors.  So collectively, they are doing something about it and ramping up investment in professional promoter and private property larger scale events.

Dirtbikers know the struggles all to well. Coming so close to recreational registration in many parts of Australia only to fall short at the last hurdle have caused much heartbreak and headache over recent decades. However despite these shared setbacks, AORVA are fully invested in their vision and believe Australia is the perfect location for recreational side-by-side enjoyment. Despite the aforementioned insurance woes, 2023 will see AORVA continue to lobby all levels of Government for improved Public land access.  Knight added “We’ve achieved a very significant change in Regulations to allow some limited forest access for side-by-side Vehicle recreation in 2022 with the Queensland Government.  We are continuing our work to expand that offering so that it means less restricted access for more people”.

And you can help.  All of AORVA’s plans become more possible when you join AORVA.  Joining is quick and easy and is effectively like signing a Government petition for increased access to public land.  If anyone wants to make change in Government, every vote counts, so join up today and get all of your off-road friends to join too.

Joining AORVA also ensures that you’ll be kept in the loop when new events open up in your State or near you.