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FIRST LOOK | 2022 RZR PRO R | New model showroom | News

Finally, some decent video of the all-new Polaris RZR Pro R! RJ Anderson has some crazy skills and the new machine looks like an absolute beast. More details will be released on November 9.

But can you imagine trying to get this shoot across the line in Australia?! The red tape police would be out in force.

That first jump Anderson hits is mental and the fact it is ramp-to-ramp makes it even more impressive. There is some insane action in this video from Hoonigan and the two-wheel balance is impressive.

Based on what we can tell from the video, the Polaris RZR Pro R is like nothing we’ve seen in an RZR before. It looks wider, bigger, better suspended and that motor is not what we are used to. It sounds bigger, like jet engine bigger. The dash and cockpit setup looks new and even the frame looks new.

This is all speculation though at this stage with all the details on the Pro R being released on November 9 so stay tuned.