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Side-by-Side Vehicles and their larger capacity allow for more shared fun amongst family and friends. Just ask Aaron Vairinhos.

Aaron Vairinhos recently participated in the Off Road Moto-X ride day at Calder Park. Aaron moved from motorbikes to SxS to enjoy some recreation with his wife. We spoke with Aaron after his recent ride day to find out what he loves so much about the world of SxS.

On November 11th, Off Road MotoX held one of their SxS Trail Ride Days at Calder Park, on the outskirts of Melbourne. On specifically designed and tested off road tracks, these events are a great way for SxS owners to unleash for a day and gain experience and skills whilst also meeting like-minded individuals who share their passion for SxS adventure. One of the attendees of the event was Aaron Vairinhos, who we had a little chat with about his history with SxS and what he looks forward to in his future with this growing form of recreation.

What drew you to SxS and how did you get into the sport? I used to always ride motocross and I bought my wife a bike as well. But it proved too hard where she either couldn’t do the same tracks or keep up, so I sold the bikes and went into SxS and since then it’s been heaps better for us.

What do you enjoy the most about actually riding a SxS? Well its great to be able to enjoy the activity with my wife first and foremost. But also its been great fun to learn how to drive a SxS and above all really fun.

What do you like the most about the SxS community? Everyone’s friendly and there to help you. I’ve also noticed everyone else gets along and there’s a real community feel.

Do you have any future plans with SxS like any future trips or more track days? There are a couple different tracks I want to visit so I can get more experience in it. More Off Road MotoX recreation events in 2024 will be great, as well as maybe some camping or overnight trips in some state forests would be of interest to me as well.

For some of that state forest access and larger trips, you would have to go through AORVA correct? Yeah, so I joined up back in June knowing that for future public land access AORVA would be our best bet. Between events like the MotoX trail ride days and future AORVA aims to open land access, I’ll have plenty of options to enjoy SxS.