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BRP, makers of Can-Am, caps off 2023 with a total of 12 international design awards and five Good Design USA awards.

BRP continues to stand out with its innovative and trend-setting designs with five Good Design USA awards, which celebrate and reward products with the most iconic contemporary designs. Announced in December, all five BRP products that were submitted for consideration were rewarded: the Advex helmet for snowmobilers; the Sea-Doo Explorer Pro personal watercraft and Manitou Cruise pontoon boat; and the Lynx Shredder and Ski-Doo MXZ X-RS winter powersports products.

“This prestigious recognition for five of our products not only reflects our commitment to elevating the riding experience, but also acknowledges the exceptional teamwork behind each winning product. As we celebrate these achievements, we’re inspired to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation and shaping the future of mobility,” said Denys Lapointe, Chief Design Officer at BRP.

Spotlight on BRP’s award-winning products

Advex helmet
The Advex helmet introduces a new paradigm for the active trail rider, providing winter enthusiasts with one of the best and most adaptive protection from both the cold and humidity. BRP has created a helmet with advanced safety features and an innovative communications system that allows trail riders to experience a synergy between their vehicle, gear, and accessories, while prioritizing comfort and functionality.

Sea-Doo Explorer Pro
The Sea-Doo Explorer Pro is a personal watercraft (PWC) designed specifically for people seeking adventure and discovery on the water. It is the most adventure ready, out-of-the-box PWC. The PWC’s traditional look and functionality have been updated, and the padded seat, knee pads and adjustable handlebars provide adventurers with unparalleled comfort and a pleasant ride in a variety of positions. Also, adventure seekers can enjoy multi-day rides, thanks to the Sea-Doo Explorer Pro’s  massive storage capabilities, fuel efficient load hauling power, and unmatched stability.

Manitou Cruise
The Manitou Cruise redefines decades of pontoon design codes. Almost entirely made of recyclable materials, it stands out with a bold and innovative design that combines modernity, luxury and functionality. The Rotax S outboard engine, with Stealth technology, not only gives consumers greater peace of mind because of its hidden position under the boat, but also transforms the design of the Manitou Cruise by maximizing usable space on board and reducing noise and vibration.

Lynx Shredder
Inspired by the Finnish word “sisu”, the Lynx Shredder’s rugged yet lightweight DNA pays homage to Scandinavian design. With no equivalent word in English, “sisu” is an action-oriented mindset that refers to stoic determination, hardiness, courage, willpower and resilience. With this philosophy in mind, the design team was challenged to deliver a minimalist, lighter machine while offering the precision and control required for playing in deep snow.

Ski-Doo MXZ X-RS
Already considered a benchmark by industry experts, the Ski-Doo MXZ X-RS is the ultimate evolution of a trail snowmobile, at the pinnacle of high performance that allows seasoned riders to experience adventures that are both unforgettable and responsible. Visibility has been greatly improved for safer riding thanks to the signature “two-eye” LED lights. The product is equipped with an industry-first Smart-Shox suspension that instantly analyzes the terrain and adjusts to provide ideal suspension response for maximum comfort and stability.

A dozen awards in 2023 confirms the company’s impact on the industry

For BRP’s Design & Innovation team, 2023 was another stellar year as it collected 12 awards from prestigious design competitions around the globe. In addition to the acclaim from Good Design USA, these last four products each collected a Red Dot award in the spring. The Sea-Doo Explorer Pro has truly stood out among peers, having also garnered recognition from Good Design Japan and Good Design Australia, as well as the National Marine Manufacturers Association’s Innovation Award (NMMA). Presented at Miami’s 2023 International Boat Show, the NMMA also joined Marine Power Innovation in recognizing BRP’s Rotax S outboard engine for its ground-breaking innovation. In addition, a Good Design Australia was awarded to the Quintrex Freestyler X.

“The accolades our products continue to receive year after year are a testament to the dedication and creativity of our teams, reinforcing our commitment to helping people reimagine how they access their world – enabling experiences that can be measured in emotion rather than distance,” added Mr. Lapointe.

As BRP celebrates its 20th anniversary, its success can be attributed to its ‘”yellow blood” culture, built on its core values of passion, drive, ingenuity and trust. Guided by adventure, the company continues to share unique experiences with the world while pursuing its commitment to inclusivity and fighting against intimidation.