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There are plenty of benefits to owning a side-by-side, especially if you're a retired dirtbike rider. Here's six reasons why you should own a side-by-side.

In our continued coverage of the Australian Off-Road Vehicle Association (AORVA), we’ve looked at their work in the rec reg scene, events like ridedays and musters, and their presence in building the Australian community of side-by-sides. Today we will look at six of the benefits of getting a side-by-side, especially if you’re coming from a dirtbike background.

1. Get Outdoors!

Side-by-sides are one of the fastest growing ways to enjoy the outdoors. Traditionally seen as a more of a farmer’s vehicle, side-by-sides now cater to a wide range of disciplines with models dedicated to high performance off-roading, recreational trail-riding and even larger recreational family vehicles. It’s these recreational and family vehicles that are taking off as people discover the benefits of family inclusion when off-roading in the great outdoors. You can get out in the fresh air, leaving all your worries behind to connect with the environment and the trail.

2. Family Time

With side-by-sides, the idea of making your ride days quality family time has a considerable merit. For one, your off-road desires will no doubt be much better understood by those around you and you’d be much more likely to keep in the good books for ‘sharing properly’. Gold star for that one. You could turn that frown of “going dirtbike riding by yourself again”, into an eager smile of “can we go for a ride again tomorrow”.

3. Safety

Plus there are inherent safety benefits. Trailering to your ride spot with at least two people per each side-by-side machine means you’ve always got someone else with you.

4. Team Building

Side-by-sides can be seen a bit like those experiences that they try to create in corporate team building events, but in this scene a perfectly natural flow from the minute you and your buddy undo the tie-down straps and back it off the trailer. By the time you’ve slid the helmets on and done the seatbelts up you’re engaged as a team. From there the adventures that follow are obvious.

5. Bond With Family & Friends

It’s a great way to bond with teenage kids. The shared experience of riding a side-by-side can produce stories to tell around dinner later. Fostering your son or daughter’s skills alongside them in a side-by-side within the setting of the bush is what SxSs are becoming renowned for.

6. Accessible To All Ages

Lastly, SxS are accessible to more ages than the more physically demanding dirtbike. A cruise along some relatively flat unpaved road in a capable side-by-side is an easy trip that everyone from the youngest to the oldest in the family can enjoy. It’s great to know that all your dirtbike riding adventure and exploring skills will be a perfect fit when getting outdoors with the family in a brand new side-by-sides.