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VIDEO | POLARIS RZR PRO R TESTED! | Launch Report | Tested

Check out our video review of the all-new Polaris RZR Pro R test we did with the first Pro R to land in Australia. With 225hp this thing was insane to drive!

There has been much anticipation for the race-ready Polaris RZR Pro R and when we finally got to test one it did not disappoint. From the 2.0L ProStar engine to the FOX 3.0 shocks, this unit will change the way we look at four-wheeled racing.

We headed south-east of Melbourne for this Polaris RZR Pro R test and conditions were perfect.

It comes equipped with all the stuff you need to go racing straight out of the box. The four-cylinder engine has power right brought he rev range which can be changed via the modes on the dash. The FOX 3.0 shocks, equipped with the DYNAMIX DV ride system make this one of the best handling side-by-sides on the market. It also has the widest footprint ever seen in a side-by-side at 74 inches.

This beast was born to tear holes in the desert. The vehicle we tested was the four-seat version and the longer wheelbase made it the perfect weapon for events like Finke or any high-speed, whooped-out sand tracks. We made the most of the Evans Motorsport facilities  hitting whooped-out corners and send it over the main table top but also see how it handled the high-speed straights and wombat-sized holes.

It’s not often a manufacturer decides to reinvent the wheel but Polaris have essentially done exactly that. They’ve built a side-by-side that is so big and so capable that it doesn’t even fit into any race categories so championships around the world are scrambling to get it included so we can see how it compares with the competition. We have been told our local series here in Australia have almost finished the details around how the Pro R will be included in our National championships so stay tuned for more information on that.

If you want to read our in depth report on the Polaris RZR Pro test, click here. Otherwise, check out our video review below.