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Segway Powersports have released details of their 2023 model lineup which includes an all-new Villian! Here's all the details you need to know.

For 2023 there have been significant updates to the Fugleman UT10 platform over the 2022 models and the introduction of the Villain sport side-by-side, a highly anticipated addition to the Segway lineup.

The Villain is offered in 3 different iterations for 2023, delivering a uniquely intelligent off-road experience. The 72” Villain SX10 X is pioneered with the Smart Moving App and 10.4” Smart Touchscreen, the 64” Villain SX10 X is engineered with the same technology in a narrower application and the value-conscious 64” Villain SX10 E utilizes the same narrow platform form with optional technology upgrades. All Villain side-by-sides are available in 2-person configurations and up to 4 colors including, the Segway signature Intensive Red, Dream Green, Innovative Gray, and Bold Black.

The updated Fugleman platform still pumps out 105 HP from its 1000cc engine. Combining performance and functionality, the Fugleman offers a 1,000 lb. bed capacity, 2,500 lb. towing capacity with an industry leading 10.4″ touchscreen and connectivity powered by the Smart Moving App.

Available in two different models, the Fugleman UT10 X and Fugleman UT10 E both come in 3-person configurations and up to 4 colors including Intensive Red, Dream Green, Innovative Gray and TrueTimber Prairie Camo.

We expect the 2023 model Segways to arrive in Australia in the first half of next year.