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2022 SIX-SEAT HONDA PIONEER | New model showroom | Vehicles

Honda has announced its all-new, multipurpose side-by-side, the Pioneer 1000-6 Deluxe Crew. It looks like a great addition to the Pioneer family, featuring a full-size, six-person cab.

The six-seat Honda Pioneer Crew benefits from all the updates applied to the 2022 Pioneer 1000 (announced in March), in addition to model-specific features that make it the biggest side-by-side in Honda’s lineup.

2023 Honda Pioneer 1000-6 Crew Olive

The six-seat Honda pioneer cab is designed with a spacious second row, boasting the most in class with over 70 centimetres of leg room for easy vehicle entry and exit for the tall. A full-size cargo bed and front and rear under-seat storage also increase the carrying capacity for additional items. If the bed is loaded with tools and supplies, you can select tow/haul mode and self-leveling rear suspension to improve the ride. As with the rest of the Pioneer 1000 family, the Crew features a 999cc parallel-twin engine and Dual Clutch Transmission. Oh and there’s the Honda durability, quality and reliability factor as well.

The Pioneer 1000-6 Crew will be available in the U.S. in September but it is likely it won’t arrive in Australia until well into 2023.

2023 Honda Pioneer 1000-6 Crew Red

At a glance:

  • Six-Person Cab: With a full-size second row of seating, the Crew seats six people
  • Added Storage: Large front and rear under-seat storage areas make it convenient to securely transport tools and supplies. In addition, a new storage area has been added below the dash, with contents secured via cargo nets.
  • Tow/Haul Mode: The selectable tow/haul mode optimizes power delivery for carrying heavy loads.
  • Updated EPS: As with the 2022 Pioneer 1000 (announced in late March), the Electronic Power Steering system features 50% more torque assist and a return-to-center function assists the driver at high and low speeds.
  • Self-Leveling Rear Suspension: The Crew features self-leveling rear shocks that automatically adjust according to the load in the vehicle.
  • Increased Power: Thanks to optimized valve timing and an updated throttle-body plate setting, the Pioneer 1000-6 Deluxe Crew power plant has better strong mid- and upper-range power compared with previous models. As with the 2022 Pioneer 1000, the size of the cooling fan has been increased correspondingly.
  • Transmission Updates: As with the 2022 Pioneer 1000, the gear ratios match the increased power output, and changes were made to improve shifting action, with reduced shock during gear changes.
  • Beverage Holders: The dash-positioned cup holders are designed to hold tumbler-size cups up to 30 ounces in size. In-door drink-bottle holders are also provided in all doors.
  • New Door Nets: As with the 2022 Pioneer 1000, the Crew has door nets with a simplified mounting structure and a finer mesh pattern for improved visibility.
  • Pre-wired Accessory Connector: A pre-wired panel is provided under the hood to simplify installation of Honda and aftermarket electronic accessories.
  • Dash Switch Panel: Also to facilitate clean installation of electronic accessories, pre-wired switches are integrated in the dash. Unwired blanks are integrated in the dash for additional accessories.
  • In-bed Outlet: The Crew has a 12-volt accessory receptacle in the bed, enabling use of electric devices like coolers, work lights, food warmers, sprayers, air compressors and more.
  • Meter: As with the 2022 Pioneer 1000, a new dash meter has modernized styling and features added functions including a clutch indicator, battery voltage and CAN communication.
  • Wheels: The Crew comes with 14-inch aluminum wheels and OTR Dirt Master tires.
  • Sealed Cabin: A number of measures were taken to isolate the driver and passengers from engine heat and external debris and moisture.
  • Styling: As with the 2022 Pioneer 1000, a new grill and fascia, along with updated graphics give the Crew an aggressive look.

2023 Honda Pioneer 1000-6 Crew Honda Phantom Camo