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2022 SEGWAY SXS RANGE REVEALED! | New model showroom | News | Technology | Vehicles

Segway have released details of their new 2022 side-by-side range and they start at $22,990 with a two year warranty.

Overnight Segway Powersports announced the arrival of the Fugleman UT10 UTV range, consisting of the UT10E (EPS model), and the UT10X (Deluxe model)

The Fugleman UT10 is a petrol SXS with a high power to weight ratio. This model will start from $22,990 with a 2 year limited warranty.


The Fugleman UTV boasts a 1000CC liquid cooled, twin cylinder, 4-stroke, DOHC engine, that delivers  105HP and 93.5Nm of torque. The 1000CC powertrain utilises insulator technology combined with its optimised CAM. Segway claim this motor is good in high/low temperatures and high altitude environments.


The Fugleman UTV is equipped with adjustable front and rear air shocks. The front suspension is dual A-Arm with 280mm travel. The rear suspension has 11 in./280mm of travel. With 13.8 in./320mm ground clearance, the Fugleman UTV has standard clearance.


Standard on all Segway Powersports models in Australia, the Telematics BOX (T-BOX) is a connected-vehicle-standard terminal that delivers multiple online applications including vehicle remote monitoring, remote control, safety monitoring and warning via 4G, Bluetooth and CAN communication.

You can access real-time data of your vehicle through Smart Commanding System (SCS). This intelligent interaction with your Segway Powersport vehicle is a cool feature and is a great additional safety feature.

Segway now have a dealer in every state and territory of Australia. Find your closest dealer here.