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We got our hands on a Polaris RZR Trail S 1000 Premium for review and put it through its paces at our private testing facility.

After testing the Polaris RZR Trail S 900 EPS  we decided we needed to see what an extra 120cc of go-juice and premium suspension could do, so we jumped in the 1000 Premium.

The Polaris RZR Trail S 1000 Premium is a purpose-built trail-machine that is narrower, shorter and all-round more compact than any other RZR before it making it perfect for getting in and out of tight spots. We used it for everything from trail riding to mustering and tested it’s limits and usefulness in every setting. It’s part recreation, part racer and offers those new to the sport a great entry level machine to get into off-road driving.

We even had the opportunity to let it rip around our natural terrain motocross track, which while soaking wet, was an absolute blast and we also got a chance to see how fast it could cover 100m. While it’s not a race machine it still held its own and will keep up with most performance based side-by-sides.

The grunty 999cc engine is a ripper and the up-spec Walker Evans shocks offer a premium ride. You get RZR spec. seats and a roll cage that offers just as much protection as the race-ready RZRs, all for $21,990. The extra ground clearance in the Trail S 1000 Premium over the traditional RZR models was also a great feature as it allowed us to plough through the bush tear up open paddocks without worrying about ripping out the undercarriage.

To see what we thought of the Trail S 1000 Premium, check out our in-depth video review.